Hot Herbal Compress

Why not add a hot herbal compress to your treatment?

These compresses are wonderful, excellent in the colder months and can be added to you existing reflexology, facial reflexology or massage treatment and smell fantastic! The herbal compress is made up of a muslin cloth shaped in a round ball called a poultice, this is infused with herbs, flowers and spices and then steamed to release their medicinal properties.

Depending on your treatment the compresses are moved across your face, neck and shoulders, body or feet, in a series of circular motions and techniques to aid the release of toxins and penetrate heat into the tissues.

What are the benefits?

Herbal Compress Massage is well-known for its relaxation qualities, but this flower-bursting pick-me-up can also improve blood circulation and promote cell growth. It helps boost emotional well-being while soothing aching muscles and stiff joints.

As the heat of the muslin cloth warms the skin, blood vessels across the body begin to dilate which kicks starts the efficiency of different internal organs. But that’s not all! Herbs used in the compress can do different things for different parts of the body, for example, lemongrass and kaffir lime boosts immune system, turmeric contains anti-inflammatories and liquorish can lighten dark circles under the eyes and rose can improve skin complexion.

I currently use 3 different compresses:

  • Facial Compress – for the face and neck
  • Cold Compress – to help alleviate the symptoms of cold
  • Pain Compress – to help sooth aching muscles

48 hours’ notice is required, to allow time for the compresses to be made.

If you suffer from any allergies or are sensitive to certain herbs\flowers\spices then we can go through the list of ingredients used before the compresses are used.