About Me

Hello! And thank you for visiting my website. I hope you find all the information you require. If you have any further questions about the treatments on offer, please just get in touch.

My career since leaving school has been in IT. I have always been open to holistic therapies and I experienced reflexology during a period of ill health. I was amazed at the benefits it brought me. This led me to undertake more research into reflexology and I decided to train as a professional reflexologist. Today I provide my clients with a sympathetic, personal & caring approach in the provision of reflexology treatments.

Paul Kennard – Founder

Reflexology in Jacksdale Nottingham

Your treatment experience

A medical history and a life style questionnaire will be undertaken at your first appointment, and you will be asked to sign a consent form for treatment. This information will be kept confidential. During each treatment, once you have removed your shoes and socks and I will make you comfortable on the reflexology couch and put on some gentle music to aid relaxation. After cleansing your feet, face and/or hands, I apply an organic wax, balm or oil and gently warm up the area I’m treating using massage techniques. I will start and end the treatment with relaxation sequences and for the main part of your treatment I work the reflex points on your feet, face and/or hands, using precise pressure techniques, identifying and working any areas which are out of balance.

Having suffered a family bereavement in the past 3 months I was having difficulty with sleeping and someone recommended Reflexology. Paul’s ability to put you at ease and yet be completely focused on hearing what you say during consultation is great, especially if you are a nervous client. After a series of appointments my sleep and quality of sleep has much improved.

…And finally..don’t be embarrassed by your feet

Many people comment that they cannot tolerate having their feet touched or can be embarrassed by the condition of their feet, this is a common statement. But consider the following: Reflexology is a very specific, confident touch of the feet that does not cause you to feel uncomfortable, people with ticklish feet can take some comfort that the pressure applied is firm. There’s no need to be concerned about the appearance of your feet. During my many hours training and in my practice, I have seen many pairs of feet, different sizes, characteristics and conditions like hard skin – we nearly all have some degree of hard skin on our feet. If you have severe nail fungal infections, athlete’s foot or multiple verruca’s. I will not be able to offer reflexology as these are highly contagious. But remember there is always hand reflexology to try.

Qualifications and CPD training

VTCT Level 3 Reflexology | VTCT Level 3 Body Massage | VTCT Anatomy and Physiology | FHT Indian Head Massage | FHT Ear Candling | FHT Reflexology for fertility | FHT Pregnancy reflexology | FHT Treating Cancer clients with reflexology | Pain in Cancer Survivors | Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage | Advanced Facial Reflexology, the Bergman Method | Hot Herbal Compress