Hand Reflexology in Nottingham

Supporting your health and wellbeing with reflexology

Hand Reflexology can be offered alongside, or as an alternative, to treating the feet. Just as with the feet hand reflexology is a massage technique that puts pressure on various reflex points around your hands. Hand reflexology can help maintain manual dexterity and rejuvenate tired hands, wrists and arms. It can also provide support for conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI.

It is also a great alternative if you have a foot infection, injury, or don’t like your feet being touched. Hand reflexology can be used a great self-help tool and I often provide my clients with hand reflexology points to work as an extra boost in between foot reflexology sessions.

Hand Reflexology is an exceptionally relaxing treatment with numerous benefits!

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  • It is a very safe and accessible therapy
  • It is less disruptive than treating the feet
  • It can be used in combination with foot reflexology
  • The hands are closer to the spine and nerve roots, so can have an immediate effect impact in relaxing the whole nervous system